Your Partner in Hope

Patients heal best when they are treated close to home, surrounded by family and friends. RBS Evolution is focused on investing in cancer centers in underserved areas, so that more patients have access to advanced oncology care. In partnership with physicians, we build or expand oncology programs to provide exceptional care to cancer patients where they need it most.

Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center

Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center is a free-standing radiation oncology center located on the campus of Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna, Alaska

Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute

 Located in Claremore, Oklahoma, Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute was designed with patient comfort and convenience in mind.

Southeast Radiation Oncology Center

Southeast Radiation Oncology Center is a free-standing radiation oncology center located near Bartlett Hospital in

Juneau, Alaska.

Eastern Oregon Cancer Center at Pendleton

Eastern Oregon Cancer Center, located in Pendleton, Oregon, is the newest, free-standing radiation oncology center of RBS Evolution.

Our Cancer Centers

Helping Patients Heal

Close to Home

RBS Evolution exists to bring advanced cancer care to underserved communities so patients don’t have to travel long distances for radiation oncology care. We actively seek out ways to be involved in the communities we serve and to help bring the community within our doors to be a part of the healing process. We have streamlined the building process and are able to build state of the art centers in a fraction of the average time. All the while, saving money and bringing underserved communities access to “best of class” cancer care that much sooner.

Mission and Vision

Sharing a Mission of Hope

The mission of RBS Evolution is to provide radiation oncology care in underserved communities. Each of our centers shares our commitment to helping patients heal close to home, surrounded by the support of family and friends. 

Written in Stone

Messages of Hope and Inspiration

Being an active part of the communities that we serve is important to us. When building our centers, we stop construction for one day and invite the public to sign the unfinished walls of our radiation vault with messages of hope and inspiration. These events, which we call “Written in Stone,” are deeply moving for everyone involved. After the event, we transcribe the messages and include them in a commemorative booklet that is given to every new patient to let them know that they are not alone on their cancer journey.

Explore your options with RBS Evolution

If you are interested in partnering with RBS Evolution or would simply like more information about our services and product offerings, contact us and a member of our team will respond accordingly.